Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you know the Lords been GOOD TO YOU


Jesus is such a Kind Friend. There is NO ONE like Him! I am finding this, Jesus is happy all the time. : ) Maybe happy is not the best word, makes me think of yellow smiley faces. He is kind and loving, compassionate and all knowing. I had an encounter quite some time ago but I want to tell it here!

SO I was sitting outside the prayer room after one of my sets with my friend and little Hakani ran by. If you don't know Hakani she is a beautiful little girl who changed the nation of Brazil. She was laughing and just being silly, I said "Jesus sometime I would love to meet Hakani" And literally seconds later she turns around runs straight to me, gives me a HUG and says "I love you, you are beautiful!!!" then she ran off. Later that night I was eating dinner and she came and sat by me. this is the funny part... I would ask her a question and she would always reply "I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL! LETS JUST PLAY" and then Jesus said "This is how I am and this is the way you are to be".

Jesus just wants to be with me! He doesn't dwell on my sin but I do. He would rather "Just play". He would rather me dive into His heart and come into the courts of Heaven singing and dancing, pouring my heart at His feet. He is a good Father

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All of me

I have just been blown away by how much Jesus runs everything hahaha. I wrote it down so many times in my journal I thought I would write it here!

The other day I was board out of my mind! So I was like I will go to the Ywam base and play piano. And then Jesus goes "You will have fun.". hahah AND I DID. I was walking up all these stairs and this lady was in front of me. I honestly was thinking of how short these ladies shorts were and then I noticed she was limping. Jesus was like pray for her. I kept walking until she looked back and I asked if i could pray for her leg. She was down with it. I prayed she walked away like a gazelle. BUT thats not what I'm writing for.

See every morning I wake up and go "what do I want to do today...." BUT I never knew Jesus already had every moment of everyday planned for me! All I have to do is nothing! I was bored and Jesus used it! Even the timing He made me flustered to leave at the time He wanted. In heaven Jesus book for me has all the days I will be alive planned out. Theres not like a gap somewhere where it says do whatever. Jesus lives in me and I gave Him all of me, He does whatever He wants. Everything I do is holy unto him, every breath is praise to him, weather I am singing or playing with Josh, homework, dishes its all His plan! So wonderful and the best thing is I can not miss his plans as long as I obey! And if you read all of this, you are truly fantastic!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

a big wave... really?

For all my tacoma friends I thought I would tell my story of today :)

SO. My dad came in screaming GET YOUR CLOTHES ON AND GET OUTSIDE. I look out the window and its dark, Joshua is crying, the alarms are sounding, my thought is we are getting bombed at three in the morning. I grab Josh and run outside with Spence and we wait by the car for the rest of the family. I look around and nobody is outside, my heart is beating, the alarms are blaring, but at the same time it felt super quiet... We got in the car to find out it was 6 in the morning not 3 and a Destructive Tsunami from Chile was heading towards all Hawaiian Islands at 11:04 Am, five hours....

As we drove to higher grounds I thought if everything got destroyed we could go to Tacoma for awhile which would bring me joy, I also thought of how close it would bring me to Jesus if everything I had was destroyed, we could share Jesus to hurting people in the meantime... interesting thoughts. ANYWAYS. We went to "Safeway" were everyone was and got some survival items. Then decided to go to the Nelsons house! There we all crashed and slept till 9 and turned the news on. We were all super expectant and I was personally excited.

We waited and waited........................ and waited. People were everywhere watching the ocean. Soon it was 11:04 and nothing happened, the estimated wave size was only 6 ft which is smaller than swells here. we kept waiting, the news showed a fat guy splashing in the ocean, called him an idiot and kept talking about this ridiculous 6 foot Tsunami.. the climax was all coming down to nothing. It was soon 1 and nothing happened the alarms stopped and the police let everyone go home.

I honestly am a bit upset it would have been awesome to see a giant wave. BUT Jesus is good and did not want Hawaii to be destroyed, or the "idiot" splashing around in the ocean. Sorry I am not so good at telling stories and if you read all of this you are amazing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Stolen

I don't think any woman wants to be a prostitute. It's not the dream of every little girl. Girls dream of being princess's, delighted in, to be swept off their feet and carried into love, into TRUE love. Girls stuck in trafficking cry out for rescue, for true love. An escape... but only one escape is available and it is the power of Jesus's love.

After even being rescued and out of the system shame, condemnation, depression and unbelievable grief hold them so tightly. The Kings hand is held out for any victim to take hold of. The ache in their heart is so vast. Being forsaken, striped of dignity of any name, of childhood. Abandoned by parents. Orphaned and then adopted into the arms of lust. brought in by the spirit of perversion, that blossoms like a tree and grows stronger and stronger in its roots with every experience. The groan for satisfaction in the mens heart lead them further into the wilderness of numbness their only water is going deeper with another child. The girls wear a mask of seductiveness but they would burn it at any sight of a flame. I want to be a flame, a fire that would consume all shame, that would crown them as Haddasah and take them into Your courts where You would sit them on a high seat next to you for all of eternity.

How many sex slaves live a life of hell on earth then a life of hell for all eternity... sex trafficking is so much deeper than anything I just wrote, I just thought I could write the surface of what I feel. The reality is something you decide to go into and take hold of then to intercede and go adopt the unloved.

"He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun." psalm 37:6