Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All of me

I have just been blown away by how much Jesus runs everything hahaha. I wrote it down so many times in my journal I thought I would write it here!

The other day I was board out of my mind! So I was like I will go to the Ywam base and play piano. And then Jesus goes "You will have fun.". hahah AND I DID. I was walking up all these stairs and this lady was in front of me. I honestly was thinking of how short these ladies shorts were and then I noticed she was limping. Jesus was like pray for her. I kept walking until she looked back and I asked if i could pray for her leg. She was down with it. I prayed she walked away like a gazelle. BUT thats not what I'm writing for.

See every morning I wake up and go "what do I want to do today...." BUT I never knew Jesus already had every moment of everyday planned for me! All I have to do is nothing! I was bored and Jesus used it! Even the timing He made me flustered to leave at the time He wanted. In heaven Jesus book for me has all the days I will be alive planned out. Theres not like a gap somewhere where it says do whatever. Jesus lives in me and I gave Him all of me, He does whatever He wants. Everything I do is holy unto him, every breath is praise to him, weather I am singing or playing with Josh, homework, dishes its all His plan! So wonderful and the best thing is I can not miss his plans as long as I obey! And if you read all of this, you are truly fantastic!


  1. hi chloe!!

    i was going to write on your FB wall when i saw the link to this blog!! and wow! i was truly blessed by what you wrote!
    it was really encouraging because sometimes i feel like my days are really mundane. but Jesus is in control, and like you said, we only have to obey him and he has the rest all planned out! thank you thank you, for this!! you're amazing and i think im gonna follow your blog!! :)

    esther woo

  2. Hey Chloe,

    I just want you to know that i enjoy your blogs they remind be of youth camp lol...thank you for sharing your heart it is always inspiring to see how God is moving in your life :D
    miss u and ill talk to you soon.
    -John David Bradford