Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you know the Lords been GOOD TO YOU


Jesus is such a Kind Friend. There is NO ONE like Him! I am finding this, Jesus is happy all the time. : ) Maybe happy is not the best word, makes me think of yellow smiley faces. He is kind and loving, compassionate and all knowing. I had an encounter quite some time ago but I want to tell it here!

SO I was sitting outside the prayer room after one of my sets with my friend and little Hakani ran by. If you don't know Hakani she is a beautiful little girl who changed the nation of Brazil. She was laughing and just being silly, I said "Jesus sometime I would love to meet Hakani" And literally seconds later she turns around runs straight to me, gives me a HUG and says "I love you, you are beautiful!!!" then she ran off. Later that night I was eating dinner and she came and sat by me. this is the funny part... I would ask her a question and she would always reply "I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL! LETS JUST PLAY" and then Jesus said "This is how I am and this is the way you are to be".

Jesus just wants to be with me! He doesn't dwell on my sin but I do. He would rather "Just play". He would rather me dive into His heart and come into the courts of Heaven singing and dancing, pouring my heart at His feet. He is a good Father

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  1. Hakani means "smile", awesome.
    Keep writing, Chloe! I love reading your stuff!